Curiosity (October 28, 2016)

Kim Todd

  1. Todd’s argument is that curiosity does not hinder progress, but rather that curiosity pushes it forward.
  2. “One of the things that makes us most curious is the suggestion that the world isn’t how we think it is, that our categories are the wrong ones, and the promise is that the answer to our questions will give us a different, fuller, better view” (Todd 279).
  3. This quote explains why curiosity has value and why it is not as detrimental as we believe it to be from myths, legends, and history. Todd argues that answering the questions our curiosity poses will lead to a better understanding/perspective

Emily Graslie

  1. Graslie argues that we need to be curious and start exploring what the world around us has to offer to enrich our lives.
  2. “You can’t be curious about something if you don’t know it exist.”
  3. This quote means that knowledge stems from curiosity. We need curiosity in order to educate ourselves, and Graslie can attest to this seeing as she works in a museum. Whereas most animals don’t take the time to explore the world, humans are enabled by curiosity to develop a deeper grasp of life.