Peer Review (Spinning Science)

  1. Joonas’ Project (Grade – A)

Rhetorical Awareness: Competent

Stance: Competent

Development of Ideas: Mature

Organization: Mature

Conventions: Mature

Design for Medium: Developing

2. After reviewing Joonas’ project, I learned that my writing is very conversational. Compared to Joonas, I ask more questions and include the reader more in my thoughts, which is not to bash Joonas. I just think that I have a different writing style than he does.

3. I plan to revise my project by going back and adding more of the scientific rhetoric I didn’t pick up on and then implementing it the way Joonas (and also Grant) did, very clearly and to the point. I was told that my introduction could use the most work and I fully agree with that. I didn’t really have an explicit declaration of my purpose in the introduction.