I feel that the way I organized my photo essay works well with the commercial. I say this primarily because my introduction paragraph takes a moment to analyze the commercial’s introduction and then outlines the rest of the commercial which really uses the scientific method. The meat of this short commercial can be divided into three portions where they show how the Oral-B Pro toothbrush works, why it is better than others, and why the viewer should believe the results.

What I found challenging about my analysis of the commercial was actually identifying the science involved. There was definitely some obvious scientific rhetoric in the commercial, but unfortunately, I felt like I had to dig way too deep to find obscure scientific claims. In reality, it should have come more easily. After all, we don’t really ever analyze advertisements on billboards or on television because we understand the rhetoric without even having to think about it.

I do think, however, that I chose the most scientifically-oriented snapshots from the commercial since they demonstrate the value and use of the Oral-B Pro toothbrush using scientific principles and the scientific method. The beginning and end of the commercial involve a woman with a gorgeous smile, but they really don’t promote the use of scientific rhetoric.