All Reflective Portfolio Working Drafts (November 28-29, 2016)

Artifact Analysis –

My Values of Science Project demonstrated my rhetorical awareness because I focused on its purpose in relation to the meaning of determination and I intentionally designed the newsletter to grab viewer’s attention.

I decided to utilize a newspaper format for my Values Project because both the scientists I analyzed, Jennifer Francis and Sean Carroll, showed their determination by raising awareness and communicating their results through different sources of media. For instance, I say in my newsletter, “due to her persistency, Francis was able to raise awareness and gain a basis of followers, which are key parts of determination when it comes to success in scientific endeavors” (Sherman 2). This shows how I analyzed the meaning of determination in these two scientists’ contexts and made use of an appropriate mode to fit the purpose: increasing public knowledge of determination.

Additionally, I used the design of a newspaper couples with an email newsletter intentionally. The newsletter was emailed out to my classmates and was meant to entice them, seeing as I had a bold headline, pictures and links on the left hand side of the newsletter, and a faded DNA strand in the background to entice the reader. The newsletter, the electronic portion of my project, was designed to hook the reader and the newspaper link was designed to explain the background of the two articles and show more instances of determination. The layout of the newspaper was also designed intentionally to make the viewer feel like he or she is reading a professional document and to give credibility to my newspaper company.

Reflective Essay –

What was the purpose of English 1101? It was to teach students how to become better communicators and how to craft and support an argument with an appropriate degree of rhetorical awareness, which you already know. Let me show you what I have done!

In high school, I took A.P. English Language Composition and learned how to craft a rhetorical argument, but it wasn’t until this class that I learned how important the media/mode of a piece of work is to drive home the argument. At the beginning of this class, I completed an assignment called the Spinning Science Project, in which I analyzed a toothbrush commercial to reveal how science was used to persuade viewers of Oral-B Pro’s superiority as a toothbrush. In this assignment, I merely made three separate pages on my website and slapped a picture and text into each page. At the end of this course, however, I was able to create a multimodal Values of Science Project  in which I recognized a major similarity between two scientists’ arguments about determination and created a newspaper article and a newsletter email to fit the purpose. I have definitely grown as a communicator from my days of scraping by in high school and even at the beginning of this term.