Spinning Science Project (16 September, 2016)

The advertisement I would like to analyze for my Spinning Science Project is an Oral-B Pro toothbrush commercial. The commercial is a short 30-second-long promotion of the number 1 dentist-recommended toothbrush worldwide which uses science to persuade viewers that it is the absolute “best” toothbrush ever.

The commercial contains elements of the scientific method, visual stimuli, and carefully-chosen text to convince viewers of Oral-B’s complete superiority over all other toothbrush brands. For instance, at the beginning of the commercial we see a woman in that same dentist’s chair we’ve all sat in, asking questions like will “an electric toothbrush clean better than a manual?” Following this question, a hypothesis is implied:  if I want an electric toothbrush, then Oral-B Pro is the right purchase (“but don’t get just any one”). After the introduction with this woman, the real scientific rhetoric begins. These rhetorical strategies are broken up between three separate sections of the commercial, which include experimentation, superiority, and credibility.